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Ono Jirōemon Tadaaki was appointed by Itō Ittōsai Kagehisa as his immediate successor and, in addition to arranging techniques, called the style “Onoha Ittō Ryū Kenjutsu” (Ono School of Ittō Ryū) recognizing Itō Ittōsai Kagehisa as its creator.

In over four hundred years of history of the school, some Onoha Ittō Ryū Kenjutsu masters founded other schools while remaining in the tradition Ittō Ryū and that is why these schools have maintained in their name the term Ittō Ryū.

The term Ittō Ryū, literally the “style of one sword”, means not “one sword” in the objective and quantitative sense, but becoming One with the Sword to reach, through practice, a horizon where there is no more distinction between the sword and the one who wields it, but only the imperturbable harmony in the unending cycle of One / Many.

The One is a part of the Many, but, at the same time, creates it in the circular harmony of the universe that the true meaning of the name and symbol of the school represents.

Only through this the “Setsunin tō” (sword that gives Death) becomes “Katsujin ken” (sword that gives Life), leading the practitioner to the ultimate meaning and, seemingly paradoxical, goal of the man who follows the way of the sword:

“The real Swordmaster is the one that, exceeded the boundaries of victory and defeat, puts down his sword and becomes a man of peace”.


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